Vistalab Ovation Pipette Pipettor pipet variable 20-200 uk volume

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A like rare used Vistalab Ovation pipet variable volume with tip ejector: 20-200 ul, the pick up/release volume set up digitally. The new battery is included. The pipettors sold have been used only with non-radioactive and non-biohazardous materials. Also, all pipettors have been tested to work properly- I have measured the aliquottes on a Mettler scale. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 5 days for a full refund excluding shipping expenses. lot gar1stshyelbx

Info from the website

Revolutionary ergonomic design addresses the issues of posture, repetition, and force to significantly reduce strain and pain that occur from pipetting. Design allows pipetting to be performed with a natural posture and minimal muscular movement: low hand elevation eases stress in the shoulder and neck, neutral wrist angle eliminates uncomfortable extension and radial deviation movements in the arm, and relaxed grip improves hand endurance.

Five frequently-used aspirating and dispensing volumes can be easily programmed and recalled for use by pressing a single button. Other volume settings can be selected at precise increments throughout the pipettor’s volume range. Adjustable hook provides custom comfort for left- or right-handed users. Tips are acquired with only a gentle push; audible click ensures a secure seal. Energy transfer button uses energy captured during tip acquisition to eject tip with minimal thumb force. Special filtered nozzle keeps liquid out of pipettor body. Pipettor stands securely on counter, eliminating the need for racks and the risk of contamination from tip touching the bench.

A low-force, form-fitting plunger allows the user to manually control the speed of dispensing and aspirating with minimal effort. In-lab calibration can be easily performed without tools, to compensate for environmental conditions and/or different liquid types. Disposable battery lasts for six months of typical use with no recharging.