KDS Syringe Pump Legato 100 digital control programmable infusion

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Looks like rare used working KDS Syringe Pump model Legato 100, accept one syringe. Lot offwintop
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The KD Scienti c Legato 100 Series is the next generation of syringe pumps. The series offers unparalleled ease of use through the high resolution color touch screen user interface. The full touch screen interface enables the user to quickly create con gurations and recall them for easy use. The TFT color display presents all the pump operating parameters on an easy to view run screen.

The password feature prevents accidental con guration changes ensuring the programs integrity is retained. Programs can also be set to be started on a time delay for unattended operation.

An led light on the front panel makes it easy to see if the pump is running. Once the pump starts to run, the display shows the pump is running and the LED turns on. This will make it easy to see the pump’s status.

The pumps are versatile and can be interconnected through the RS485 interface. Legato 100 Series models can be mixed and matched in the daisy chain offering maximum exibility. Up to 99 pumps can be linked together through the RS485 interface. This interface is easy to use provided each pump is assigned its own unique pump address.

For limited laboratory space the Legato 100 Series can be placed on its side to reduce the footprint by 55%. The display also tilts with the change to allow the user to operate the pump vertically.

Noti cations and error messages are displayed for the user to acknowledge, eliminating any guesswork about problems.

Flow performance is optimized with a small step angle stepping motor that drives a precision lead screw and pusher block. The syringe mechanism is easy to use and securely holds the syringes for smooth ow performance.

Advanced microstepping techniques are employed
to further reduce the step angle to eliminate ow pulsation. The accuracy is ±0.5% (Legato 100, 101, 110 and 111), or ±0.35% (Legato 180) with 0.05% reproducibility. A wide dynamic ow range can be programmed into the pump. Flow rates are selectable with user selected engineering units from ml, μl, nl pl, and hours, minutes and seconds.

Up to 30 lbs of linear force is available. This force is user adjustable to ensure the right force is applied for the various syringe sizes.

The superior design of the full metal chassis provides noise isolation and anti-vibration features for increased reliability. The spill dam is designed to prevent uids from ingressing into the sealed display. All syringe racks are hardened rolled steel and will not deform with pressure.