HP Agilent 1100 LC HPLC detector VWD G1314A Variable Wavelength model

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Used  working HP Agilent 1100  HPLC VWD detector model G1314A, tested with Chemstation software (software not included)

.  If not satisfied, You can return this unit within 14 calendar  days for a full refund minus shipping both ways

The HP Agilent 1100 Series G1314A Variable Wavelength Detector (VWD) gives high sensitivity while improving productivity. This tool has a wide linear range for reliable simultaneous quantitation of main, side  products and impurities. Programmable wavelength switching for sensitivity and optimized selectivity to each analyte's elution. Minimum baseline noise with the highest baseline stability for lowest detection limits.


  • Wavelength Range: 190-600 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: +/- 1 nm 
  • Band width: 6.5 nm
  •  Double beam photometer with Deuterium lamp 
  •  Linearity: >2 AU (5%) upper limit
  • Drift: 3×10-4 AU/hr at 254 nm
  • Analog output connection