Gilson Pipetman Pipette Pipettor set pipet variable P5 P20 P1000 P200 stand qz

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A  used  working variable volume Gilson pipetmans -set of 6 pipetmans  P5000 (1-5 ml)   P1000 (100-1000 ul), P200 (10-200 ul),  P100 (10-100ul), P20 (2-20ul) , P10(1-10 ul)   and Rainin rotating stand.  All the single pipets are in the old  style (not rotating/dialing  top knob) with tip ejectors.The pipettors sold have been used only with non-radioactive and non-biohazardous materials. Also, all pipettors have been tested to work properly- I have measured the aliquottes on a Mettler scale. Some pipets available separately- please inquire.  If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 14 days for a full refund excluding shipping expenses.