GE Amersham Pharmacia Explorer Purifier FPLC P-900 UV-900 Frac-950 AKTA soft

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Used working Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AKTA Explorer, that includes  P-900  pump, P-960 peristaltic pump,UPC-900 monitor with UV lamp, pH/C 900 detector, Frac-950 fraction collector, Box-900,  M-925 mixer with 12 ml mixing chamber,  IV908, CU-950,  column valves V2 and V3, sample valve V5, injection valve V1, outlet valve, cables, computer with Unicorn software, monitor,. Pass through the tests, respond to commands.  Cosmetically not perfect- the stain chipped off from   the base as pictured. Please request the total before the payment- it will be shipped via freight or fedex ground in 3 boxes, the eBay calculator does not work for this multiple boxes shipment. I can ship internationally- please request the quote first. Lot fofffr