Dynex Ultra wash PLUS plate washer 96 well microplate

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 Used Dynex Ultra wash PLUS plate washer as pictured - powers up, respond to command. It may need some parts( bottles, tubing, pump) . If not satisfied, You can return this unit withing 5 days for a full refund minus shipping. Lot a2
Info from the web site:

The Ultra wash PLUS is a reliable, fast, automated 96-well single buffer microplate washer.  Since it's introduction, thousands of Ultrawash PLUS units have been put to work everyday in laboratories worldwide.  The Ultrawash PLUS handles most 96-well plate formats, including Flat, 'U', 'V', and 'C' shaped wells.  You can easily clean the removable wash head to assure reproducible dispense volumes and minimize potential contamination.  

Program: Stores up to 20 wash protocols and 5 microplate types

Fast: 96-well manifold completes an entire plate wash in 13 seconds

Wash parameters:  Adjustable dispense volume, soak time, aspirate time and wash cycles

Easy maintenance: 

  • Clean cycle eliminates potential blockages

  • Quick disconnects for simple cleaning and reassembly

  • 4L wash and waste bottles in rack

Fail-safe mechanism:  Alarm sounds when either the waste bottle is full or the dispense bottle is empty.

More info is located at http://www.dynextechnologies.com/Washers.asp