WPA S2000 Lightwave UV/VIS spectrophotometer Diode Array photometer detector

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One Used working WPA S2000 Lightwave UV/VIS spectrophotometer. 115v, please find some specks below. If not satisfied, You can return this unit within 5 days for a full refund minus shipping. The manual is included. lot ulstfarlefttop MODEL S2000 Lightwave LAMPS Pulsed deuterium WAVELENGTH, nm Reproducibility (WAVELENGTH, nm) <0.6 Range (WAVELENGTH, nm) 200-825 Precision (WAVELENGTH, nm) <1.5 BANDPASS, nm (WAVELENGTH, nm) 5 WARM-UP TIME, min (WAVELENGTH, nm) 30 PATH LENGTH, mm (WAVELENGTH, nm) Up to 40 1 OPTIONAL FEATURES (PERFORMANCE) Printer Accepts semi micro- and micro cuvettes (50 µL). FORMAT (WAVELENGTH, nm) Single beam - for more information please see comments. DATA MANAGEMENT Absorbance, transmission, linear and curved calibration concentration, kinetics, scanning, ratio, multiwavelength, programmable up to 99 methods, RS232 POWER 90-250V, 50/60Hz DETECTOR (SCATTERED LIGHT) Diode array Noise at 0 a (SCATTERED LIGHT) ±0.001 A Precision (WAVELENGTH, nm) <0.01 A @ 1 A Reproducibility (WAVELENGTH, nm) <0.001 A @ 0 A, 500 nm RESPONSE TIME, sec (SCATTERED LIGHT) <3.5 PRINTING DEVICE (WAVELENGTH, nm) Optional MAINTENANCE (WAVELENGTH, nm) 1/year DIMENSIONS (HXWXD) CM, (IN) (DISPLAY) 38 x 14 x 27.5 (15 x 5.5 x 10.8) WEIGHT, kg (lb.) (DISPLAY) 4.5 (9.9) DISPLAY 240 x 128 pixel dot matrix LCD SCATTERED LIGHT 220 nm (SCATTERED LIGHT) <0.1% T 340 nm (SCATTERED LIGHT) <0.1% T SCANNING PACE,NM/MIN (SCATTERED LIGHT) Instantaneous