used WATERS OASIS 186002052 Max 30 µm 2.1x20mm on-line extraction column HPLC

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One used WATERS OASIS  Max   cat no  186002052 30 µm  2.1x20mm on-line extraction column . lotgar4thmix
The Oasis MAX on-line column is designed for rugged, reproducible, and ultra-fast on-line SPE. This column contains the Oasis MAX sorbent, which is a water-wettable, mixed-mode polymeric sorbent that has been optimized to achieve higher selectivity and sensitivity for extracting acidic compounds with anion-exchange groups. The Oasis MAX on-line column is designed to be used with the appropriate Waters narrow-bore analytical column, such as XSelect, XBridge, SunFire, Atlantis, XTerra, or Symmetry column. The column features traditional HPLC column fittings and hardware.