Used Tosoh TSK-gel TSKgel G2000SWXL 7.8mm X 30cm 5um used 08540

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Used   Tosoh TSK-gel   columns-  G2000SWXL , 7.8mm X30cm 5um,  cat number 08540 and 08543 . Made in  Japan.  Lot gar2ndshTosowhbx

Widely considered the premium columns for analyzing biopolymers by GFC, TSKgel SWXL columns feature high pore volume per unit column volume, low sample adsorption and excellent column efficiency, all contributing to unsurpassed sample resolution. With 5μm particles and 125Å pores, TSKgel G2000SWXL is an excellent choice for small proteins and peptide separations. The fractionation range is applicable for globular protein samples up to 150,000 Da.