Used HPLC column Waters Protein-Pak Hi Res SP 4.6 mm x 100 mm 186004930 IEX

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Used   HPLC  column  by  Waters  Protein-Pak Hi Res SP 4.6 mm x 100 mm  7u, cat no  186004930 IEX.   Lot gar4thmix
Protein-Pak Hi Res Ion-Exchange (IEX) columns were developed to assist in the characterization of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other biological compounds. The non-porous, high compound binding capacity of these particles yields outstanding resolution of charged species in less time compared to use of many traditional porous IEX offerings. In addition, quality control testing with defined protein standards helps ensure consistent batch-to-batch performance.

Product Number: 186004930