Rainin E4 XLS LTS advance electronic digital pipette multichannel 1200 pipet

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Used works good Rainin  E4 XLS  LTS  multichannel (12-channel) 100-1200 ul advance electronic digital pipette pipettor with battery and charger as pictured . Lot gar1stclearbx info from web site: Accurate and Precise All piston movements are controlled by the onboard microprocessor, which moves the piston the set distance at the set speed, regardless of user. The advanced stepper motor has 4,000 discrete steps, providing highly precise liquid measurements. At the end of each pipetting cycle the E4 XLS+ re-calibrates itself by resetting the zero point. E4 XLS+ Single Channels are Comfortable Comfortable Ergonomically designed for use with either hand, the E4 XLS+ fits like a glove is extraordinarily well balanced while pipetting. The carefully shaped fingerhook enables you to relax your grip while your thumb easily operates the joystick for navigation, aspirating and dispensing. The E4’s extremely light operating forces and silicone shock absorber built in to the tip ejector make it a pleasure to work with. On LTS-equipped models, tip ejection force is further reduced to just 0.6 kg. E4 XLS+ Single Channels are Convenient Convenient No manual required! The E4’s large color screen, carousel navigation and joystick control make operation easy and highly intuitive. From straightforward pipetting to complex applications, this tool can do it all. Its long-life battery gives a day’s worth of pipetting with minimal charging and will last for thousands of recharges. E4 XLS+ Single Channels GLP/GMP Secure GLP/GMP Secure Reduce compliance risks! Onboard service data is extremely secure and quick to access. Avert calibration compliance errors by password protecting access to service interval alarms. Minimize pipetting SOP deviations by locking protocol settings. E4 XLS+ Single Channels are Highly Configurable Highly Configurable The E4s’ Admin Mode enables you configure the pipette any way you want. For convenience or security, remove unwanted modes or lock in settings. Create personalized setting profiles to “re-set” your pipette to a preferred configuration. E4 XLS+ Single Channels Save your Protocols Save your Protocols! Store multiple custom protocols in the on-board memory. Simultaneously review and select your protocols with a simple movement of the joystick. No more re-entering preferred protocols over and over again! E4 XLS+ Single Channels PureSpeed PureSpeed on Board Purify biomolecules from proteins to oligonucleotides to chromatin using E4 XLS+ and Rainin’s PureSpeed™ tips. Unite rapid and gentle processing of multiple samples with high elution concentration for an unbeatable combination! All E4 XLS+ have the PureSpeed functionality pre-installed. lot garclearbx