HPLC system milli mini Millichrom A02 pump UV detector milichrom

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New, never used HPLC system Millichrom A-02.
Made in Russia on Former military plant that produced precision navigation devices.
Weght 36 lbs, dimensions 535 mm X 210 mm X 320 mm.

The system includes gradient HPLC pumps (any complexity gradient formation), UV-detector (1. 2 ul cuvette volume, monitoring up to 8 wavelength during separation), autosampler (up to 200 automatic analysys), computer with monitor, printer and preinstalled software (including peak identification and calculation of concentrations) and database for 500 compounds (pharmacology substances, aminoacids, narcotics, herbicides, pesticides etc, and You can easily add You own compounds to database), set of 4 prepacked columns 2X64 mm (additional low cost columns with resin of Your choice available upon request).

1 Year warranty with next day service/repair. Additional warranty for up to 10 Years available, price negotiable. Time of analysis - 5 minutes. Very low consumption of mobile phase, very sensitive detection limit, possibility to get UV spectra of compounds during the separation. The system ready for work in 20 minutes afer unpacking - good for monitoring/field laboratory. Free installation and 3-hour training. Simple. This completely integrated system sets up in minutes instead of hours. It has only two cords - one for the power supply and the other for your PC’s serial port. You can run multiple machines from a single Laptop or desktop personal computer. And the IntelliChrom software supplied with the MiLiChrom LC is so user-friendly, you can use it right away with no special training. The MiLiChrom LC is simple on the inside too. The innovative small-syringe gradient pump system means there are no pulsations and no dampeners. There are no check valves to worry about or replace.

Simplicity means greater accuracy too. The instrument is so precise, it delivers as little as 5 ml of solvent per minute with a margin of error of only ± 1%. Dead volume between mixer and column is only 100 mI, so the gradient hits the column in a matter of seconds. Microbore column compared to system using regular columns means 10 times less solvent waste and 10 times higher ratio of signal to chemical noise. Powerful. The MiLiChrom LC’s unique detection system lets you view as many as eight wavelengths You select at once. The stop-flow technique allows you to monitor the complete UV spectrum of every peak in the sample mixture. The detector, working on a high-level baseline signal, lets you analyze many non-UV active compounds simply by adding a strong chromophor in the mobile phase. And the double-beam reference measurement gives you a stable baseline almost immediately after start-up.

Compact. The MiLiChrom LC is only 52 cm long x 20 cm deep x 30 cm high. Five units can sit where one set of traditional components used to go. Or use our aluminum carrying case to take it with you anywhere you want to do chromatographic analysis. The unit’s light weight - only 17 kg - and rugged construction means the MiLiChrom LC travels where no other chromatograph can.

Reliable. Moving parts are reduced to a bare minimum in the MiLiChrom LC. Fewer moving parts mean fewer potential problems - there is simply less to break down. Should a problem arise, it can usually be solved by our support team over the telephone. In rare cases where an instrument must be sent back for service, a replacement unit will be shipped in a few days. The MiLiChrom LC is backed by a standard one-year warranty.

You’re in control. The MiLiChrom LC is controlled exclusively by our IntelliChrom software - easy-to-use and easy to install on your personal computer. You set the batch run parameters and let IntelliChrom do all the work. Or, you can control the MiLiChrom LC using IntelliChrom in its several manual modes. The integration algorithms have been fine-tuned for the fastest and most efficient multi-wavelength analysis. With IntelliChrom, you get the best accuracy and the best sensitivity Additional material available upon request. Please write to sibgene@sibgene.com (attn: Valeri).