HPLC column Waters Acquity UPLC Protein BEH SEC 4.6 mm x 150 mm 186005225

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Used   HPLC  column  by  Waters Acquity Protein  BEH SEC  4.6 mm x 150 mm, cat no   186005225 .   Lot gar4thmix
Based upon the highly successful BEH particle technology, the new patent pending ACQUITY UPLC BEH200 SEC column represents the first commer­cially available sub 2 ìm SEC chemistry. Fully optimized for the analysis of proteins and their aggregates with molecular weights ranging from 10,000 to 450,000 Daltons, the total system solution will routinely deliver fast, accurate aggregate determinations up to 10 times quicker that traditional HPLC-based SEC methods.