Biomerieux MICROBIOLOGICAL AIR SAMPLER, Air Ideal 3P for clean room airideal

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Used working The Biomerieux Air IDEAL 3P  air sampler- used to detect the presence of viable microorganisms in the environment to be tested by precise sampling of a given volume of air. Air is taken up with a turbine through a grid surface. The acceleration of airflow results in the impaction of airborne microorganisms on the agar. Passage of the air through the grid filters out particles, thereby facilitating the enumeration of CFU (colony forming units) after incubation of the medium. A reading and statistical correction table (included along with manual)  is used to convert the number of CFU to the most probable number of microorganisms collected per m3 of air. This unit has a 90mm sampling grid (two included) . Power supply is included and metal transport case