Applied Biosciences Poros FPLC DM/50 2x100 mm weak anion exchange HPLC column z

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Used Applied Biosciences Poros FPLC column model DM/50 , 2x100 mm. 50 um particle size (weak anion exchange media), Pmax 50 bar. lot gar2ndshredbigbx info from the website; POROS® Perfusion Chromatography® Media and Pre-Packed Columns A high performance chromatography media for analytical to process scale separations.• Higher productivity: High throughput and high dynamic capacity associated with Perfusion Chromatography® • Chemical stability: Allows aggressive cleaning and sanitization • Enhanced biomolecule access: Provided via large pores, ranging between 500-10000 Å • Polystyrenedivinylbenzene particles: Yield a robust, easily packable matrix • Develop better separations methods in a shorter time frame: The speed of Perfusion Chromatography technology reduces weeks of experimentation to only a few hours of work, so you have plenty of time to explore all the variables of your separation