SibGene L.L.C. has been providing equipment and PCR formulations for molecular biology since 2001. We are located in the Maryland biotechnology sector, surrounded by peers working in the industry.

Taq DNA Polymerase
Our Origin
SibGene was among the first on the market to offer discounted high quality Taq DNA polymerase for educational institutions, research labs and private companies. We further source dNTPs, DNA and DNA markers for PCR applications. We have expanded our catalog to offer analytical instruments, disposable labware, pipettes and sealed surgical instruments.
Our Function

We are a distributor of affordable industrial supplies and equipment for biotechnological applications. We update our catalog with new products weekly. We are proud to offer products from these manufacturers:

Agilent Gilson Chemglass Bio-Rad Waters Sartorius Pyrex Eppendorf VWR Mettler Ohaus Finnpipette Kontes Thermo Shimadzu Millipore
Our Service
We exist to provide the tools academic professionals and small businesses need to generate results. Every analytical instrument we ship is tested for functionality. SibGene is a high volume supplier of mixers, shakers, lab scales, thermometers, slides, pipettes, and hplc columns. You can purchase equipment here, on our ebay store or you can fax us your order using the fax order form.